Hello world!!

Okay! here is the thing.. I’m not really good on writing, but let me just give it a try.

You may find the post that i share here as a geek related content like web design, xhtml, css, cms, open source software, and linux expecially on my fav one OpenSuse. Well don’t judge me, because this is the only way i can live with and i am happy. I will also share some serious content about my interest in working as freelancer and entrepreneur.

But if it still get you bored, how about korean/japanese girls, drama or movie that i like to watch, tv series, video clips, picture and any other things related to japan or korea. Yes, i know what you think, i embarassed myself for letting you know that i like to watch these kind of things, but i can’t help falling in love with those cute and hot oriental girls. If you find the posts you like or at least has benefit for you, i will glad to have your comment or feedback.